Covid Catch Up

Covid Catch Up Recovery Curriculum 2020-2021
Chalton Lower School

The Government has announced that £1 billion of funding has been earmarked for schools to support children and young people to catch up. This includes a one-off universal £650 million catch-up premium for the 2020 to 2021 academic year to ensure that schools have the support they need to help all pupils make up for lost teaching time due to Covid-19. Although all children have had their education disrupted by the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, it is likely that disadvantaged and vulnerable groups will have been hardest hit.

The school received £3860 based on the October census 2020

Areas to address Actions Cost Monitoring Timing Expected Impact
Additional 1-1 and small group teaching for identified pupils/groups and most vulnerable learners Increase hours for one TA x 1 hour per day

Catch up support for identified children through 1-1 or small group work in basic skills eg handwriting, spelling, basic sentences, punctuation, times tables, reading

1 x TA

£3230 3 terms

Observation of sessions, impact in books One hour per day, 4x a week for ks1 Individuals and small groups who were originally below will catch up to their expected standard.
Additional catch up work in class to address gaps in learning TA’s to provide additional sessions to support misconceptions and basic skills – handwriting, spelling, basic sentences, punctuation, times tables, reading 3x TA supporting Literacy and Maths work GAP book

Evidence in books of concepts addressed

Literacy and Maths sessions Individuals and groups to have covered the gaps in their learning so that they will achieve the end of year standards
Assessment Staff to identify areas of learning that have major gaps.  Teachers will identify the gaps in learning and will adapt their teaching and plans accordingly Progress meetings, staff meetings Monitoring ½ termly Half termly Analysis of the data will demonstrate that the children have moved forward in their learning and are closer to the expected levels that they would normally be at
Reading Additional reading sessions for those pupils that have fallen behind in their progress and need to catch up. 3x TA Monitoring ½ termly Daily sessions Children’s fluency, understanding and vocabulary will improve and the children will move closer to their expected levels
Phonics Progression Daily phonics progression group sessions 4x weekly phonics groups with TA’s and teachers Monitoring progression

Phonics tests

Daily sessions 4x a week Phonics will be on track to achieve the expected levels
Literacy Writing Teachers have a clear understanding of the objective outcomes for the previous year and they will base their planning on incorporating these skills.


Staff to model and scaffold work during Autumn term to ensure pupils understand the outcomes

Classroom time Monitoring of planning, work scrutinies, editing of work, feedback to pupils On going Pupils will catch up within the year, or they will complete this by the end of year 4
Maths We are following the Enigma Mastery project and are focusing for longer sessions on key concepts to reinforce and to make links through their learning


Misconceptions will be addressed through GAP work outside of the lesson

Classroom time Monitoring and feedback to pupils

Tracking of pupils in ½ termly monitoring

Ongoing Pupils will have a secure understanding of Maths and will be able to make links wehn problem solving.  They will be able to give sensible explanations for their answers.

Pupils will achieve their end of year objectives or at least by the end of year 4.

PSHE Circle Time/PSHE  will be used to address any concerns the children may have.

Introduction of reflection time and children’s yoga

Curriculum time Pupil voice feedback

Daily feedback to staff

On going Children [and staff] will demonstrate resilience in all that they encounter
PE To ensure that there are 2 hours of PE for the KS1 and KS2 class so that they become active again in their lives Curriculum time Pupil voice

Observations of pupils

On going Children will be active and challenge themselves to keep fit and healthy