Our RE curriculum provides the opportunity to explore a variety of beliefs, how these impact on people’s lives and how this relates to the lives of our children at Chalton Lower School.

Our main aim is for the children at our school to be understanding and tolerant of others’ beliefs, regardless of their own ideas, needs and experiences. Developing these traits at the first stage of their school life will help our children play a part in sustaining a liberal and open-minded society from when they leave our school and beyond. 

We also aim to teach our children to develop an insight into their own beliefs by reflecting on the beliefs of others. We work with the children to think about challenging questions, to reflect on their own experiences and to articulate their ideas, all whilst respecting the rights of others to differ.

Our intention is to deliver an exciting and purposeful RE curriculum to equip our children with knowledge and understanding of a range of religions and views, to support them to develop and understand their own ideas and beliefs. At Chalton Lower School we follow the Central Bedfordshire Agreed Syllabus for RE, which supports our teachers to provide an interesting and engaging RE curriculum. 

 To find out more please look at our policy for RE