Harlington Cluster Links

Chalton Lower School is part of Harlington Cluster of schools. The school works in close partnership with the other schools in the cluster which in total consists of ten lower schools, two middle schools and one upper school.

As a cluster of schools we work as closely as possible to ensure that the learning journey your child starts in his or her first year at lower school and completes when they leave the upper school, is as seamless throughout as possible. We believe that as a cluster we will support each other and work with each other to provide the very best educational experience any child could hope for. The skills and knowledge that your child learns at each stage in their education has a direct impact on how successful they are when they leave school. Our aim is to extend each child’s life opportunities so that they can fulfil their potential.

To further develop our aim of a flourishing community of schools we will work together at all levels. Headteachers and Governors set the foundations with co-ordinated policies and strategies for learning. Teachers are sharing their expertise and are planning schemes of work that ensure a common entitlement of educational experiences throughout the pyramid. Non-teaching staff such as SENCos/Managers and Business Managers are pooling resources so that duplication of effort does not occur. Parents are coming together to share experiences and to help schools improve provision and to quell concerns over transfer.

The whole is greater than the sum of the parts, together we will provide educational excellence for the young people of our community.