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PE Plan 2020 – 2021

PE and Sport Premium Impact Review 2020-2021

PE and Sport Premium Impact Review 2019-2020

PE Plan 2019 – 2020

Sports and PE Grant 2019-2020

Chalton Lower  School receives an annual Sport and PE Grant from the government to help maintain and develop physical education and sport in schools.

The funding is based on a lump sum plus an amount based on the number of keystage 1 and 2 pupils on the 2018 January Census.  For 2018-2019 [September to August] the grant for Chalton Lower School will be approximately £16,448.


Use of Sport and PE Grant Allocation for 2020-2021.

Impact of Sport and PE Grant in 2019-20

Sporting Achievements

  School Year September  19- 

August 2020

Details of intervention/spending
  Aut 19 Spr 20 Sum 20  
Sports Package 2500     Redborne Sports Partnership
Sports package [Luton Town Community] 700 700 500 One afternoon per week Games and PE lessons for KS1/ 2  and EYFS
After School PE club  560  480    Weekly PE club for all pupils
Resources  585      10 ride on toys for playground use
CPD    190    Supply cost for training day 

[didn’t take place

Dance -spring term 

Tennis coaching – summer term










Dance Provision + After School 5 wks [[3 weeks only]

5 weeks tennis coaching[reduced to 2 due to weather

skipping provision [cancelled]

Boys football club TBA

Total cost  £4345 £1500  £612.50  
Total spent to Spr 20   £5845    
Total spend to Sum 20     £6457.5  


Purchased a new PSHE scheme which includes Healthy Lifestyle 

Wet pour surface under the playground equipment

 Total for the year      £20,044.5  
  School Year September 20 20 to August 2021 Details of intervention/spending
  Aug 20 Spr 21 Sum 21  
Sports Package £2700     Redborne Sports Partnership
Sports Package [Luton Town Community] 600 550 600 12 weeks coaching
After School PE club 480 440 480 12 After School clubs
Football Coaching TBA     Lunch Club
Replacing equipment 500      tennis balls and rackets, balls etc
Ongoing total £4280 £5270 £6250  
      £2000 Playground markings

The school is intending to use some of the money to replace the markings on the playground. This will be carried over from 2019/2020 as it was proposed for the summer 2020.

We will continue to use the Luton Town Community Trust for our PE provision and Premier Sport for the Dance work.  Staff continue these skills in the second lesson of the week thus maintaining their teaching skills.