Chalton Lower Curriculum

The School Curriculum

“The curriculum is the heart of the school and the child is the heart of the curriculum”

The school offers a curriculum which covers the requirements of the National Curriculum and is balanced and broadly based.

It promotes the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of pupils at the school and prepares pupils at the school for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life.

The curriculum offers the children a wide range of learning experiences.  We have a two year rolling curriculum [found below] so that all the subject areas are covered as the children are in mixed year groups.

Curriculum Intent

At Chalton Lower School, the curriculum is designed so that the we teach a well planned, structured curriculum that ensures children’s learning is built on effectively each year; it develops a positive attitude to learning; it allows the children to be creative and develop their own thinking; it helps them to be prepared for life in modern Britain, building resilience and self-esteem; it allows them to become independent learners with high aspirations;

At Chalton Lower School we follow the National Curriculum. 

Over the six terms of the key stage, each child has the opportunity to experience the full range of National Curriculum subjects.

The National Curriculum is delivered using a combination of teaching styles.  Approaches such as whole class, group and individual work are used according to the activity in hand.  Usually the children will be taught in a whole-class situation and then prepared follow-up activities will be given to each child to allow them to work at their own level within a group.

EYFS Long term plan

KS1 Long term plan

KS2 Long term plan


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Monitoring and Review

Our Governing Body’s curriculum committee is responsible for monitoring the way the school curriculum is implemented.